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Witchiepoo Signature Amulet

Calling all evil trees, Calling all evil trees…
Now hear this: Witchiepoo is offering a limited edition of her bewitching Signature Amulet made of genuine petrified wood, signed by hers

Available in four color schemes, the amulet comes with an adjustable chain on a satin cord, and also includes a personally autographed greeting card from Witchiepoo and Billie! With its exquisite color and detail, this striking amulet makes a cherished keepsake or a unique gift. This amulet is a limited edition of 800 pieces.

Choose from these exciting styles (click photos to enlarge). For order information, click here.

Black Amulet with Silver or Gold Signature Sandy Beige Amulet with Black Signature Marbleized Charcoal Gray Amulet with Silver or Gold Signature Marbleized Caramel Brown Amulet with Silver or Gold Signature

Each amulet includes an autographed Witchiepoo greeting card, which can be
personalized to you, or as a gift for that special someone!

Witchiepoo Signature Amulet - $40.00 Donation to Pet Hope
Postage and Handling - $5.00
Total - $45.00


Check or money order to:
Pet Hope
P.O. Box 69493
Los Angeles, CA 90069

For an easy to use order form, click here.

Paypal account: mypethope@yahoo.com
Please, no credit card Paypal Payments (thanks)

Please specify the Amulet you are ordering - For Paypal, please indicate in the note to seller section - i.e. Brown Amulet, Black cord, Silver chain, Silver signature

Amulet colors Cord colors Chain type Signature Colors
Black Black or Red 14k Gold-filled or Sterling Silver Silver or Gold
Beige Black or Red Gold or Silver Black
Gray Black or Red Gold or Silver Silver or Gold
Brown Black or Red Gold or Silver Silver or Gold

NOTE: Each Witchiepoo Signature Amulet is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Therefore, color will be matched as closely as possible to that which is represented in the images. Any piece may contain varied imperfections due to the inherent nature of Petrified Wood.

About Petrified Wood
Petrified wood is born of a metamorphic process in which wood cells decay and break down into harder elements such as silica, calcite and dolomite. Its range of hues is determined by the presence of metallic elements such as manganese, iron and copper.

Petrification begins with an event that produces tremendous heat and pressure, such as a volcanic eruption. The wood becomes covered with volcanic ash and sediments. The entire process takes millions of years and transforms the wood into crystalline quartz which becomes so hardened that a diamond bit is required to drill into it, yet it is also quite brittle and can shatter if dropped.

All materials originate in the western United States.